Christian Rover Organ Trio "Live In Prague"
Organ Trio Funky Medley
Organ Trio Jazz Medley

Christian Rover Trio "Live At The Blue Note"
Medley "Live At The Blue Note"
Highly improvisational, funky live looping.

Christian Rover & Katharina Thorhauer "Guitar & Voice"
Medley "Guitar & Voice"
Popular songs with a very popular girl.

Bret's Frets " Side Steppin' "
Side Steppin'
Step to the side - odd meter!

Christian Rover Trio "New York Impressions"
All The Things He Could Have Been

A ballad based on the changes of a well known standard.
Gigantic Steps

Giant Steps, a beautiful Coltrane composition, done to death in a Punk Death Metal tapping version.

Alberto Marsico "Them That's Got"
Latin composition with hammond organ.

Christian Rover Group "Live with Rhoda Scott at the Organ"
Easter Blue
A 13 measure original going into a straight ahead jazz blues.

Unreleased Liverecording
Rhythmchanges in F with a few twists. Composed by Giovanni Rossi,
an italian drummer with a creative imagination...

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